What made you choose Matt Mathews Photography for your boudoir experience?
“I had been wanting to do these photos for a while, but just couldn’t make myself spend the money on something that was “unnecessary” like pictures of myself. I finally decided that I was worth the money and decided to go for it. I shopped around for boudoir photographers and found Matt to be priced better than other photographers and also felt that his work was better. I also went to high school with Brianna, so it was really a no brainer!”
What was your favorite part about your session?
“The mimosas! Just kidding. The whole experience was just phenomenal. I have been so disgusted by my body since having my two children and had the hardest time losing my baby weight. I have lost over forty pounds in the past year and finally am starting to feel better about myself. Coming to the studio and getting all glammed up and feeling sexy for the first time in years has done wonders for my self confidence and I owe it all to Matt’s amazing team!”
Where you nervous about your shoot?
“Yes, very. The mimosas definitely helped calm my nerves, lol.  I didn’t feel like I could be sexy at all but Brianna completely helped me with posing and facial expressions and even though I felt completely stupid at the time, I realize now after seeing the pictures that I legit did look sexy. “
What are you taking away from your boudoir experience?
“That even though I’m almost thirty and a mom of two, I can still be sexy. My body may not be perfect, or anything like it was before I carried two nine pound babies and had two c-sections, but it is still mine and I should be proud of it! Taking pride in my body despite its imperfections and having a positive body image of myself without constantly critiquing it and pointing out every flaw is the best thing that I can teach my daughter so that she knows she should love herself too! “
Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends?
“YES! Just do it. I promise you will not regret it.”