What made you choose Matt Mathews Photography for your boudoir experience?

“What set MMP apart for me, was their culture! My friends and I visited their newest studio grand opening and were blown away. Not only was the studio absolutely stunning, but the team worked together in harmony like I had never seen before! You could tell they genuinely cared for their clients and one another. “

What was your favorite part about your session?

“My favorite part about my session was hands down the location. We wanted to do something creative and outside the box! We settled on an abandoned hotel in the middle of who knows where and IT WAS AWESOME!! Who knew one could have so much fun exploring a creepy home in 100+ degrees, sweating, and posing in the dirt?! “

Were you nervous about your shoot? 

“Not a single bit! Brianna, Lauren, and I have worked together and been friends for years! I was thrilled to have them there alongside Matt! Plus, Matt is hilarious so you are pretty much guaranteed to have a blast”

What are you taking away from your boudoir experience?

“I’ve done numerous shoots in the past but I must say the professionalism MMP upholds has made this experience far exceed anyone else I’ve worked with. They go above and beyond from scheduling, wardrobe assistance, hair and makeup, snacks (because that matters!) to keeping your images 100% secure and only sharing what you agree to! “

Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends? 

“Of course! I truly believe EVERYONE needs to experience a boudoir shoot! Forget about needing a reason to book. You don’t need to lose weight, get married, have a birthday, do this, do that, etc etc. Just do it because you damn well can! Do it for YOU! “