-What made you choose Matt Mathews Photography for your boudoir experience?
“I chose Matt Mathews Photography for my boudoir experience because a girlfriend of mine had her photos done with them, she asked me to attend her reveal. To be perfectly honest I was just going to hang out with my friend, I had no idea what a life changing moment it would be. During her reveal, Matt played the slideshow and before it was over I had tears running my face because the beauty of her photos was so intense it over took all of my senses.”

– What was your favorite part about your session?
“My favorite part about the session would have to have been the talking and actually shooting of the photos, during the shoot I felt so beautiful and alive. Standing in nothing more than a sheer piece of lingerie in front of a uncovered window with the sun gleaming in with no fears. I was not worried if anyone say me, in fact I welcomed the idea of the world seeing the beauty in that room.”

– Where you nervous about your shoot?
“Yes, I was a little nervous about my shoot, but not about how I would feel during the shoot. I was nervous about my own insecurities and if I was really pretty enough to do this. However, from the moment I confirmed my date, they had a way of making me feel like this was not an ordinary photo shoot but my moment to shine. The questionnaire that I filled out made me feel like they wanted to know me completely before I ever walked in the door. Starting with who I was and what I loved about my body, what style of pictures, what make-up and hair styles even down to what music to have playing when I arrived. It was like walking in to my own”

– What are you taking away from your boudoir experience?
“My power and the feeling of being beautiful, I know that these photos didn’t make me beautiful it was always there but I never truly saw it until after my shoot. The event gave me a feeling of empowerment and allowed me to see what others have seen all along but I never had. This for me was a life changing event, it gave me my fire back. After having 2 kids and feeling like I was just going through the motions in my life, these photos remind me I am not going through my life I am LIVING it!! On days when I feel overwhelmed or down in life I watch my slideshow and it all melts away. Sometimes…. a lot of times I watch the slideshow or look at my pictures just because I love them so much. I did this for myself but of course my husband enjoys the photos also.”

– Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends?
“I would recommend every person I know have a boudoir photo shoot, it is a legacy of who you are and the beauty of your body & soul. Long after I am gone from this world my hope is some of my photos will be passed down through the family showing how beautiful, sensual and alive I once was.”