– What made you choose Matt Mathews Photography for your boudoir experience? I was added to his FB page and instantly fell in love with his work. I absolutely loved the way he edited all of his pictures and when I was researching more about him and his why I just knew this was who I wanted to have a session with. Also I was super nervous going into my session knowing he was going to pose me exactly and I didn’t have to worry about anything was FANTASTIC. Going into my session I had NEVER worn lingerie ever. So keeping up with him on his FB page and blog made me more comfortable, and made me feel like I already I knew the person that I was going to be pretty much naked in front of.”

– What was your favorite part about your session?  “I have so many favorites it’s hard to pick one. I love animals and I was happy to find out Matt and everyone in his studio was too during my make up and hair. Also all the products they use are anti animal cruelty which is awesome. But I was so nervous when it was time to start shooting I was literally shaking!! But Matt was great at helping me calm my nerves, even after a few poses he showed me the camera and I was so taken, I almost didn’t even recognize myself because I didn’t know I could look that HOT!”
– Where you nervous about your shoot? “Nervous is an understatement! I was more or less terrified. I had outfits that I had bought before my session and had really no idea what was going to look good or anything. I was a lingerie virgin! My palms wouldn’t stop sweating during hair and makeup and then I was shaking, literally shaking when it was time for the shoot. But Matt was great with helping me decide which outfit to go with first and everyone in the studio was great. They were definitely my cheerleaders and helped smooth my nerves tremendously.”
– What are you taking away from your boudoir experience? “I am definitely taking a lot of self worth, I was super self-conscious of the way I looked. I feel sexy now and blown away by my images. I now will just stare at my pictures, completely blown away with how I look. The whole experience boosted my confidence and made me feel sexy. Also all the great comments on my picture from Facebook and insta were fantastic!”
– Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends? “I definitely would recommend a session with Matt! As soon as I left the studio I was already inviting all my friends from work to like his page and I’m obsessed with getting all my friends to do one. I think everyone should have one done in their life. My mom went with me and I am definitely trying to get her to do a session with Matt!”