– What made you choose Matt Mathews Photography for your boudoir experience? 

Word. Of. Mouth. His experience combined with attitude is exactly what I was craving in a photographer. His reputation truly shines when he’s in his element behind the camera. Matt’s ability to see a vision through his camera lens was apparent in his portfolio…they sealed the deal.

– What was your favorite part about your session?

The studio vibe. Hands Down.  It’s warm & seductive…yet bright and elegant.  The space just flows well…It’s truly stunning!!!

– Where you nervous about your shoot?  

I was a nervous wreck! Lauren was precious. Briana was so helpful…She even helped pull my wagon!  (yes, I brought a wagon) They made me feel like we had known each other for  years. Both were patient and kind…I was all over the place! When I sat in the chair, Lauren looked at me and said “breathe” The rest was a dream…the team is professional and talented.  I didn’t even recognize myself when I looked in the mirror!  Matt swooped in and made me feel like a fucking star!!!!

– What are you taking away from your boudoir experience?

Confidence, Security and Self Love. I had so many people question my intentions before the shoot. I had people ask “who are you going to give these pictures to when you are done? You’re single.” Simple minds…  To clarify, I did this for ME.  Originally, my appointment was scheduled as a couple’s shoot back in February – I debated on cancelling since I had recently become single.  I’M SO HAPPY I WENT THROUGH WITH IT!!!  I had been in a slump…I needed to be brought back to the light and what better way to see myself as a shining star than in pictures I will cherish forever?!?  This team had no idea on the day of my shoot just exactly how much they were helping me! I don’t need another human being to validate my worth…I love me…and self-love is where true freedom resides.

– Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends?

Hell yeah! The experience was life changing!  I extremely encourage friends, family, neighbors and strangers to consider a session with Matt and the team!